More Modifications for Comfort and Utility.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I completed two projects to improve the usefulness and comfort of the house.

I built a new couch on the opposite side of the house from my existing couch and removed two chairs to utilize the space more effectively. The new couch gives us more seating/lounging area while opening up the entrance area. The benefit of an open entrance area is many fold but mainly it helps with winter clothing storage/drying and donning winter attire. The new couch also provides much needed storage space because the top flips up and creates a huge built in storage chest.




The other addition was a covered entrance to keep wind and snow from invading the house. After the first snowfall it became obvious that some type of entranceway was necessary. I chose to use clear roofing material because I wanted the sunlight to still reach the sliding glass door and interior. Sunlight is so important in a tiny home to help the house feel larger than it is.




Future building will include an improved deck, as this one was “borrowed” and was not built for the tiny house, but this will have to wait until after winter passes.

As with any home, changes will be made as time, money, and necessity dictate.



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