The Thing About Dairy Farmers

My cousin’s new book reminds me of my childhood. Check it out for a good read.

Natasha Metzler

When you live on a farm you hear all kinds of interesting things, especially from children. Take for example the day that my sister-in-law was working along and her youngest daughter said with a sigh, “I question my love for the cat every time I see her chewing on a chicken head.”

Just think about the honest truthfulness of that statement. I’m pretty sure I’d question my love for ANYTHING I found chewing on a chicken head. But maybe that’s just me.

I love all the little comments that come tumbling out of children’s mouths almost as much as I love the stories that my parents and grandparents pass down.

One day I was sitting with my grandmother and she started talking about growing up on the farm. She told me all about her favorite cow, a blue-spotted one, that she would milk by hand.

“That’s so neat,” I said…

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