Life and Some Continued Slow Progress.

Life has been very busy the last few weeks between work and an unexpected tragedy that took me away from building for a time.

Thanks to my father, the contractor, my house has slowly changed and continues to move toward completion.

The electrical wiring is mostly completed including outlets, switches, and appliances wired in. The batteries are in place and the inverter and charger are wired in. The solar panels will be connected later when the house is moved to its more permanent location. For now we are charging the system with a generator.

Most of my lights are in place and operational. The stove is in place and connected to electric for the ignition source. The propane stove heats up nicely.



The furnace is connected to power and electric. It heats the house nicely and makes working on projects much more enjoyable as we have balmy 20 degree weather here today. The refrigerator is all connected to 12v, propane, and 110v. The insulation and cabinet for the fridge are completed. We haven’t started the fridge up quite yet.





The shelves, cabinets, and drawers are framed up, but a lot must be completed before the storage is usable.The counter top is ready to be cut again and the sink installed and plumbing connected.

The next projects to complete are the water system connected and plumbing all sorted out. Then the bathroom floor, above the plumbing, needs to be built. Also the holding tank and toilet need final work to complete that system. The shower will also need to be connected during this work.

The ceilings under the lofts are ready to be finished up and closed in now that the electrical work is nearing completion. Also the stairs and railing for the sleeping loft need to be sorted out.

Hopefully the work will continue to be checked off the “to do” list and the house will be moved from the construction site to the more permanent location before the “real” snow arrives.


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