Details, details, details

The detailed finish work continues and some progress can be seen. It is incredible how much time energy and money goes into finishing things up before moving in. Currently we are finishing the utility and appliance installation process. The furnace is about ready to start up. The majority of the plumbing is set up and the water tanks and pump are in place. The refrigerator is close to being in place although there is plenty of work remaining to close everything in and make it look nice.




I’ve been working on the ceiling fan which is now hung, but needs to be wired. The ceiling trim is completed. The wiring work is the next major step we need to focus on.


The only major setback has been the installation of the sink in the counter top. I made a mistake cutting and have a hole that is larger than my sink. Well, after another $132, I have a new counter top and will make another attempt. It was upsetting but considering all my building on this project, I feel ok that this was one of few mistakes that really costs me money to redo. Also, the extra “ruined” counter will be partially used in another location in my house.

Hoping to be in the house sometime soon. Decorating items such as curtains, couch cover, and paint have been picked out. The design is coming together and should be cozy and functional.


2 thoughts on “Details, details, details

  1. Hi Nate….it looks great! Hang in there….you are almost there. Just out of curiousity….what R rating did you use for insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floor? I too will be looking at cold upstate NY winters and I want to insulate to the max.
    Keep up the good work! Breathe!!!

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