A Few Stolen Hours.

Well now that my summer vacation is over and the work routine is settling back in, the hours to work on the house project are fewer and harder to come by. We are still making slow progress toward completing the house.


The exterior work is about done. Dad has completed cutting the boards for the dormer triangle areas. One set of boards is installed and the remaining ones are cut out and will be in place soon. The front storage area is mostly completed but the doors need to be installed eventually.


All of the eaves have been finished and stained. The majority of the exterior work is done and the house is ready for winter weather on the outside.


The interior is coming together also. Dad has been working on the spray foam sealing of the windows and then installing the window trim and sills. He has completed one window and has many of the parts cut and awaiting installation for the lower windows.


Today, I finished the pine board installation in the triangle areas of the dormer on the interior. I did the trim work on one section today and plan to complete the other three soon.




Also, completed a few days ago were the peak boards on the ceiling in the dormer area as well as over the smaller loft. The interior needs a bunch of trim work finished up as well as the window trim n sills. Then the work will commence on finishing the interior arrangements and installing appliances and utilities.



I think this house will be a cozy place to spend my time away from work. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.


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