Baby Steps….more done.

We only had time for a short work period today before other adventures. My assistants, Carter, Trish, and I still got a little accomplished. We completed the small pieces to the right side of my sliding glass door, as well as the full length board above the door. We spent about an hour, including some broken small boards, on the job today. Every little bit helps and gets the house closer to finished.


End wall before our work.


Installation process with my assistant, Carter, helping hold spacer while I nailed the fragile boards and broke a few even with pre-drilled nail holes.


Sides done and one full board notched for above the door. A bit more and this end wall will be done also.

Slow but sure, wins the race. Right?


3 thoughts on “Baby Steps….more done.

  1. Coming along nicely Nate. The detail work certainly takes a lot of time but can be quite rewarding. Besides, the quality of your joinery is a testament to your character. As anyone can see you are definitely a character : ) tip: rather than pre-drilling, try blunting the tip of your nail before you drive it into your soft wood shingles. A blunted nail will plow thru the wood rather than wedge in. Hope this helps but if it doesn’t your Dad can always use the split shingles. They make great kindling for the wood stove. ~

    • Thanks Jim. I am sure you are an expert on characters, as you are one also. 🙂 I’ll have to try the blunt nail trick next time. Plenty more pieces of cedar siding to install but making progress. We are definitely creating a lot of kindling for the wood stove.

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