Couple More Hours = More Progress

As I lay down in my tiny house for our second sleepover, I’m happy about the progress we made today.




With a few more hours labor dad and I have more siding up. Our progress would be slower if my staining professionals, Trish and mom, didn’t keep us well supplied with stained boards to install. Today, I finished the upper half of the end wall and started the opposite end wall by my sliding glass door. Dad worked on the longer wall and dealt with the fender curves. The fender areas require a lot of patience and fiddling to get them looking nice.

Putting the cedar siding up requires many trips up and down ladders and gobbles up time. I always think I’ll get more accomplished, but it is certainly slow going. I’m just grateful the siding can be wrapped up soon before colder weather arrives. We already have leaves turning autumn colors on a few trees here on the “hill”. Where in the world has summer gone?





4 thoughts on “Couple More Hours = More Progress

  1. It looks great. You are sooo lucky to have a great family that is there to help. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. You are kicking ass. Period. You are so far ahead of 90% of the rest of us…you should be proud. Congrats. You deserve it!

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