First Night Sleeping in My Tiny House.

Even though the construction isn’t completed we decided to “camp out” in the tiny house for the night.  The air mattresses are in place after a lot of sweeping, and we are ready for the sleepover. We were going to set up a tent for our sleepover but decided the Tiny House would be more comfortable. We are not sleeping in the loft tonight though because I haven’t installed the railing yet. So many things to do to complete the house, but for tonight it will be where we “camp”. I hope we all sleep well….



Postscript: The first sleepover was a success. We made it through the night with only minor snags. The first being leaky air mattresses that slowly left us resting our derrieres on the subfloor by morning. The second snag was dogs barking at unknown assailants during the wee hours (read 2:45am and this is normal on the “hill”). Third snag was the dog mosh pit at 6:30am thanks to the “boy” letting them into the house. They had been in the main house for the night. Overall the “camping” night went great. I look forward to many more great times in my tiny home!


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