More Changes!

It makes me content to finish a days work and see huge changes in the project. After a couple more work sessions the house looks very different. There is now a sleeping loft in the house. Most of the wall and ceiling pine boards are in place. The interior is definitely coming together in many ways.


Thanks to my great assistant Trish, this stage would have been a lot harder without her help.


There will be many hours of finish work with trim pieces and windows, but I can see an end in sight for pine board work. It will be nice to accomplish this stage in the building process.


The exterior has seen changes also thanks to my dad. While I was away the other day, he completed the roof work on the “storage shed” on the front of the house. He did a great job as always. Thanks again to my “contractor”, you are the best!



5 thoughts on “More Changes!

      • I like seeing the progress, along with reading any tips, ideas or potential problems that arise and how they would be addressed to feed my own brain. I would LOVE to build my own Tiny Home someday. I will continue to follow your progress. Best of luck! 🙂

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