End of July


I have many changes to report.

All the windows have been installed as well as the sliding glass door, which I’m using as my main entrance into the house. The roof is completed and rain tested.

We hung a few rows of cedar siding to see how that went. By we, I meant my wonderful parents. The siding was stained before being hung which was easier than staining later, although staining is always time consuming regardless of when or how it is done. A big thanks to my staining professionals Betsy (aka mom) and Trish for all your hard work.

The bathroom area is taking shape. The pocket door is mounted and waiting to be closed in. The shower is in place awaiting its plumbing. The wall is framed next to the shower, but won’t be finished until the plumbing is as we plan to put water lines in this wall for future access, if the need arises.

One 7’x20′ section of pine board interior wall is finished after many hours of work. The process is time consuming but the end product will be a warm wood interior that I’ll enjoy.

I’m very pleased with the progress so far. The building of this “tiny” home has involved a very large learning curve and continues to be a challenge. It feels good to make progress that you can see easily and the house is beginning to seem like a “home” in certain ways.


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