More progress, finally!


Finally some progress to report as of July 18th!

Yesterday the roof was finished and now it can rain all it wants to, as we are covered. The other good news is that my insulation job should be finished by Saturday afternoon and the building process  can move forward. I had been delayed because my insulating job had been interrupted by a broken generator that still isn’t fixed. The contractor is borrowing a large 220 generator to run his equipment and finish my, and other, jobs while a part for his is on backorder. I understand broken machinery but that really doesn’t lower my frustration level after waiting over a week for the partial insulating job to be completed.

The only things accomplished during this wait was the roof and ordering many of the needed utilities and appliances to complete the living quarters of my home. It is helpful that the majority of my utilities and appliances have been delivered and are awaiting installation. This will make future progress on my home souly based on my effort and determination. It will be very nice to be free of worry about others contributions to my building project. I am very excited to continue to make a place for me!


3 thoughts on “More progress, finally!

  1. I am so excited for you! Keep forging ahead and your dream house will come together. I plan to start mine next year. I will be following your progress. Pamela

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