July 12th


Half the metal roof on in a few hours of work. Need to finish the drip edges. Then install upper dormer windows before moving scaffolding to the other side and repeating the process. More progress. Spray foaming done today. Also had my sliding glass door delivered as well as my furnace. Happy!


4 thoughts on “July 12th

    • Clancy, I chose a Suburban NT-16SE RV Camper 16000 BTU Furnace NT16 SE. Basically I needed a furnace to keep the place warm while I am at work. I’m a teacher and am gone all day throughout the winter. This unit runs on propane with a blower fan and thermostat. Where I live, in Northern New York state, we get very bitter temperatures during our long winter, freezing or below for many months and some below zero days. So convenient dependable heat was a major consideration for me. I like the stand alone heaters and other options but needed something that runs automatically and is dependable. I’m hoping this unit fits the bill. I will definitely give updates on how the unit works and holds up.

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