Half a day’s work before the rain!

Well, we were able to get half a day’s work completed before the deluge. My supervisor (aka Dad) returned to find the sheathing completed on the roof. I finished that up yesterday.

Today, we tackled the sheathing around the upper windows, which was completed before the rain. We also added some trim, that needs to be in place for the spray foam insulation application process. During the trim work we also house wrapped about half of the building.

Next on our to do list is to wrap the rest of the house, tar paper the roof, and build enclosers around the wheel wells. The encloser will allow foam insulation to be applied around the wells which is very necessary in this climate. The house wrap and tar paper will make the house more or less sealed, until after the spray foam is applied. Then the windows and sliding glass door, will be fitted and metal added to the roof.

I am happy with the progress so far. I know there is so much to do, but feel that the house is slowly coming together. Now to decide on appliances and utilities, and get things ordered so I have them before they are needed for installation.

Glad to have a rainy day off, so I could relax a bit, and focus on other things than building which has consumed most of my days lately.



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