Building occupies all my time, when it isn’t raining.

Since my last post, there has been a lot of progress made on the house while dodging the rain storms. The walls of the house have been sheathed in plywood. The hurricane strapping has been put in place. About half of the roof sheathing has been mounted also.

After all the sheathing is finished I’ll be waiting again for the spray foam insulation to be scheduled and completed. After that it all depends on how much I work and how things go together.

I feel good about the progress thus far, but know there is so much more to do, build, and order. The process of building even a tiny house can be overwhelming at times. It is rewarding also because I feel I’m accomplishing a goal for my future.

Tired after working on house all day, but it is a good and contented tired.


2 thoughts on “Building occupies all my time, when it isn’t raining.

  1. What resources did you use as construction guides? Or do you have building experience prior to this? I’ll probably get the construction guide for tiny homes but am pretty confident in my ability to do the framing as instructed on youtube videos. Not sure how the methods may differ.

    • C Notes,

      I bought plans from Dan Louche at His plans were pretty complete and easy to use. He also includes a construction guide in PDF format with plan purchases although you can purchase it separately. Beyond that I’ve counted on my dad’s building experience. He built his own home, among many other projects over the years. He and my mom have lived off grid for over thirty years now so his planning for my solar power system was indispensable. I did have some building and electrical experience also. Building is a huge undertaking but also rewarding. Good luck on your project.

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