A place of my own! A place to call home! A place to rest after I roam!

I began dreaming about tiny homes during my divorce. It seemed like a viable alternative to renting and a year-long lease, which seemed to benefit others more than me. The tiny home will give me more freedom to choose where life will go next, as the opportunities arise. Since I’ve spent a fair amount of time on sailboats during my life I feel this smaller space will feel comfortable and cozy. Divorce is never fun, but did have the benefit in this case of weeding down my possessions, so that fitting my things into a tiny home shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. I look forward to the adventure of building and living in my tiny home.

Basically what my house will look like when I'm done building it.

Basically what my house will look like when I’m done building it.


10 thoughts on “A place of my own! A place to call home! A place to rest after I roam!

  1. Nate, you are a wise man. I guess you have picked up some of that from Loren and Betsy, but I think you find a lot on your own. Good luck with this project and all your adventures after that.

  2. I just found your blog recently in my online search for information on Tiny Homes. I’ve seen a few recent posts but have decided to go back and start at the beginning to glean my own knowledge from your building experience. I’m looking forward to catching up! 🙂

  3. 🙂 Do not feel guilty :-), but you made me worry – before seeing the process of your beautiful job I thought – it is pretty easy (to build tiny house).. Now I am confused )))). Going to plan and learn more :-). Your job just amazing!
    BTW, none of builders speaking about gray water (tanks, or flow directly out…) I am from Manitoba, Canada. -40C – is pretty common here. Still do not know what to decide regarding this subject. The toilet – I’ll buy composting unit, but gray water…
    Watling for your recommendations, if you do not mind to answer here, ot directly to my email.
    Again, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    Thank you !

    • Thanks E.V. Building a tiny house takes time, effort, and determination. This build took all the skills needed to build a larger home just on a smaller scale, which brings its own challenges. It is possible to construct these homes but be prepared for the work both physical and mental. The small scale makes design and layout decisions harder than in larger structures with space to spare.

      I live in Northern N.Y. where the temperature is similar as we get -24F before wind chill and lots of snow. In my situation and location, I chose not to have a gray water tank for many reasons, the first of which was saving space in the homes interior. The house does have water tanks and a holding tank system like RVs have. All of my utilities and appliances are RV models except my stove which is an apartment model. I chose these systems as they are designed for off grid or on grid use. I’m currently off grid so running on solar and propane for utilities. The house is connected to a sewer tank and leech field so gray water isn’t an issue at this location, but might have to be addressed if relocated. Hope this helps and let me know if you have other questions.

      • Thank you for such quick respond!
        At this stage of my preparation your answer oriented me absolutely, (later, of course, I’l have more:-))
        If, one day, you’ll decide to visit Winnipeg – let me know. Will organised motorcycle tour (just pick Summer months).
        Again, my respect!

  4. Hello. Just read this article, and found it very inspiring, as I am about to be separated and divorced, and have similar thoughts about housing, etc. I am wondering about the best source for information on how to get started from square one. I have no idea about the whole tiny house process, but I’m very excited to learn.

    Thanks for the inspiration,

    • Fred,

      I looked at every website and blog I could find during my planning phase. I settled on Dan Louche plans but altered them some. He sells a good book that covers the basic steps involved in a build. His site is tinyhomebuilders.com. Also my blog has pictures and some comments showing every stage of my build. I plan to have a post on my solar power system and cost to build eventually. If you have questions feel free to ask. Good luck on your build.

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