Progress at end of June.



Building occupies all my time, when it isn’t raining.

Since my last post, there has been a lot of progress made on the house while dodging the rain storms. The walls of the house have been sheathed in plywood. The hurricane strapping has been put in place. About half of the roof sheathing has been mounted also.

After all the sheathing is finished I’ll be waiting again for the spray foam insulation to be scheduled and completed. After that it all depends on how much I work and how things go together.

I feel good about the progress thus far, but know there is so much more to do, build, and order. The process of building even a tiny house can be overwhelming at times. It is rewarding also because I feel I’m accomplishing a goal for my future.

Tired after working on house all day, but it is a good and contented tired.

A place of my own! A place to call home! A place to rest after I roam!

I began dreaming about tiny homes during my divorce. It seemed like a viable alternative to renting and a year-long lease, which seemed to benefit others more than me. The tiny home will give me more freedom to choose where life will go next, as the opportunities arise. Since I’ve spent a fair amount of time on sailboats during my life I feel this smaller space will feel comfortable and cozy. Divorce is never fun, but did have the benefit in this case of weeding down my possessions, so that fitting my things into a tiny home shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. I look forward to the adventure of building and living in my tiny home.

Basically what my house will look like when I'm done building it.

Basically what my house will look like when I’m done building it.